Meet Sayad

Meet Sayad, your friendly guide to the vibrant paradise of Mauritius. As a seasoned taxi driver with a passion for showcasing the island’s hidden gems, Sayad goes beyond the ordinary, offering personalized tours that unveil the rich tapestry of Mauritius. His expertise doesn’t end on land—Sayad is also your gateway to unforgettable sea adventures, ensuring your visit is a seamless blend of exploration and relaxation. Get ready for a journey where every mile and wave is infused with Sayad’s local insights and warm hospitality.

Best Taxi Service in Mauritius

Embark on unparalleled adventures with the best taxi service in Mauritius—Sayad ensures every mile is a masterpiece of comfort and discovery.

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For your essential travel and tour needs

For your essential travel and tour needs, Sayad transcends expectations, offering a seamless blend of sea and land excursions alongside reliable taxi services. Explore Mauritius with a touch of expertise and a dash of personalized adventure.

Land Tours in Mauritius

Explore the beauty of Mauritius with Sayad’s Land Tours & Excursions—a curated journey through the island’s captivating landscapes, ensuring each moment is a memory to cherish.

Sea Activites in Mauritius

Dive into excitement with Sayad’s Sea Activities in Mauritius—an array of thrilling adventures set against the backdrop of the island’s turquoise waters, promising unforgettable moments of fun and exploration.

Taxi Services around Mauritius

Navigate Mauritius effortlessly with Sayad's premier taxi services—your key to seamless, comfortable, and reliable transportation across the island's enchanting landscapes.

Questions or Queries?

Questions or queries? Sayad is here to make your experience as smooth as a Mauritian breeze. Feel free to reach out, and let’s ensure every aspect of your journey is tailored to perfection.

Tours & Excursions in Mauritius

Embark on a voyage of discovery with Sayad’s Tours and Excursions in Mauritius—where every moment unfolds as a captivating chapter in the island’s narrative, leaving you with memories to cherish.

Private North Tour

Experience the magic of Mauritius with Sayad's Private North Tour—a personalized journey through the enchanting landscapes of the north of the island.

Private South Tour

Discover the allure of Mauritius with Sayad's Private South Tour—an exclusive expedition through the landscapes of the southern part of the island.

Catamaran Excursions

Sail into paradise with Sayad's Catamaran Excursions—an exquisite blend of adventure, and the breathtaking beauty of Mauritius.

Swimming with Dolphins

Dive into enchantment with Sayad's Dolphin Diving—a unique adventure where the magic of swimming with dolphins meets the crystal-clear waters of Mauritius.

Reviews & Testimonials

Discover what others are saying about Sayad’s exceptional service with our Reviews and Testimonials. Let the experiences of fellow travelers inspire your journey across Mauritius.

We highly recommend Mr. Ali's Taxi services I highly recommend Mr. Ali’s taxi services. During our honeymoon, Mr. Ali helped us create unforgettable moments by suggesting romantic and fun activities to do each day. He was always early to pick us up and even waited outside for hours until we were done with our activities. We felt safe with him as he is a very good driver who always drove safely. His prices were extremely competitive and cheap and his attitude was always respectful and professional. We were beyond satisfied with his services and highly recommend him to anyone looking for a reliable and friendly taxi driver.
Fanny B
Fanny B
Super prestation ! Notre course avec Sayad s'est très bien passée !! Véhicule de qualité, propre et Sayad est très agréable et nous fait profiter des curiosités touristiques sur le chemin. Je recommande !

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